Busier Than A One-Armed Paper Hanger #socs

When we first moved into our house in Northfield, my room had this wallpaper that I thought was hideous. It had all these drawings of soldiers from the 18th Century, and I really didn’t like it. I mentioned it to Mom, who said she’d do something about it eventually. In other words, get used to it, kid, it stays on the wall until I consider it worth my time.

One of my uncles suggested that maybe I could do something with it to make it at least bearable, like color in the soldiers or something. My idea was to have the soldiers speak as soldiers do, with plenty of four-letter words. Mom caught sight of it and she was definitely not happy about it. It definitely expedited getting new wallpaper, though.

For a while now, I’ve used high-definition color bars as my wallpaper on both my desktop and laptop computers.

I think I finally got tired of it as my wallpaper, so I’ve started collecting pictures that I think would make nice wallpaper to give me a break. There are lots of places that you can find wallpapers. Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash are three of them. One of my favorite places is Voyage Onirique, run by Angelilie. She does some beautiful work and they can all be downloaded. Here’s my current wallpaper, from her site:

Change your wallpaper regularly for a different look at things…

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday every week. Now a word from Ritz Crackers by Nabisco!

18 thoughts on “Busier Than A One-Armed Paper Hanger #socs

  1. I don’t think about different wallpapers but I like looking st them on different blogs. I wonder how old that wallpaper was and if it wouldn’t be worth anything now. You never know. There truly are hideous wallpapers out there. I think i would have had them talk badly too.

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    1. I don’t think I’d have been as upset by the wallpaper if mine wasn’t the only room that had it. Mom painted over the wallpaper in her room (it took several coats because it the design kept bleeding through the paint). I see now what I should have done, either primed the wallpaper with Kilz and painted over it or taken the paper down and painted over the bare walls.

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  2. Hi John … I rather like your idea of letting the soldiers talk to each other … a real eye-opener into your mind! But also what a great family tree/genealogy/pedigree chart … could be a great story teller! But your wallpaper soldiers are no longer there!!! Cheers Hilary

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  3. I can imagine your mother’s disapproval! Ha! I love your current wallpaper. I will check out her site. I never eat Ritz crackers anymore. We seem to have migrated to Club crackers. They were definitely part of my childhood though – usually with lots of peanut butter in between.

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    1. Club and Ritz are pretty much the same, aren’t they? I like that type of cracker even better than saltines with soup.

      Some of the wallpapers she does are mind-blowing. She’s really good.

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