Ubiquitous Underwear #socs

When Mary did more knitting (something she swears she’ll get back to, when and if the temperature and the humidity go down), she would carry her project, the appropriate yarn and needles etc. around in cloth tote bags. It got to where every time we’d go out somewhere, she’d carry one or more with her. I took to calling them her ubiquitous bags, because wherever she was, so was one of those bags. Now, of course, we rarely leave the house, and she hasn’t knitted in a while, but I would guess that she has all her unfinished projects, all in cloth bags, waiting for her in the basement.

Ubiquitous comes from the Latin word ubique, meaning “everywhere.” Ubique, in turn, comes from the word ubi, meaning “where.” When we were learning Latin, one of my friends pointed out that the phrase semper ubi sub ubi translates to “Always where under where,” or “Always wear underwear.” Which is not a bad idea.

When you were a kid, did your mother ever tell you that you should always wear clean underwear in case you got in an accident? My godmother, Fabulous Auntie Jill, was in a very bad car accident years ago, and she said they don’t really pay attention, they just tear it off of you at the hospital. That’s a good thing to know. Not that you should get in the habit of wearing dirty underwear…

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday every week. Now a word from E-Z Pop popcorn. That’s real POPcorn!

Now I have a taste for popcorn…

14 thoughts on “Ubiquitous Underwear #socs

  1. Gotta love Latin! My mom always said that and I think it’s a good thing to wear clean underwear. Poor nurses and staff that must deal with this.


  2. Hi John – fun post … and yes we need to be clean … and preferably not have an accident – great fun to read. Cheers Hilary


  3. I used ubiquitous too. I love that word. What a happy coincidence. Now I need to find ways to add semper ubi sub ubi into pleasant conversation 🤣


  4. Well, we are “wordies” in arms today, John. I also chose ubiquitous, but my post has nothing to do with underwear, thankfully. Lol. That reminds me, though, of an overheard conversation years ago of two elderly women in a restaurant, discussing accidents and clean underwear. Or perhaps it was a little argumentative. It was hilarious!


    1. I think Jilly joined us this week; I’ve seen at least one more person who used “ubiquitous.” So much for originality….

      I would have loved to hear that conversation. Did you take notes?

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      1. Ha! That was so long ago, I only remember that mom, dad, my ex and I were all quietly smirking and laughing over the conversation. They were loud enough that the tables next to us could hear.

        I should have taken notes on a lot of things over the years, John, but you really thinks of it at the time? Right?

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