The Assumption Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Jell-o Instant Pudding, the “busy day” dessert!

I think I’ve used this commercial reel before, but it was long enough ago that I think I can get by with using it again, and this is a three-hour reel…

The title refers to the Catholic Feast of the Assumption, the day when we believe that Mary, Mother of God, died and was taken into Heaven by her Son before she could start decomposing. Or to put it another way, we haven’t found her body, so we assume that happened. (I knew a rather irreverent priest who told me that.)

We found out early this week that Melanie, who hosts Share Your World, Truthful Tuesday, and a couple of other blog hops that I don’t participate in, has been ill and hasn’t been able to blog like she usually does. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.

Some of you know that I spend a couple of hours a day gettting therapy on my right leg, which swells up due to lymphedema unless I wear a compression garment (we have trouble with compression socks) on the leg. While I’m lying there allowing the sequential circulator to compress my leg, I listen to audiobooks because I’m flat on my back and it’s hard to hold my phone (an iPhone 8) in position where I can read the screen for any length of time. I saw ads on Instagram for Speechify, which advertises that it will read web pages, PDF’s, and on iOS Kindle books. I decided to give it a try, and so far I’m quite happy with it. The subscription is $140 a year, which works out to $11.67 a month. The first thing I’m listening to with it is Dan Antion’s book, which so far is excellent.

It’s been hot and humid and we’ve gotten lots of thunder, but not a whole lot of rain. It’s been kind of weird, actually. I kind of miss the rain. It might be that it’s been so hot that the water has been turning into steam on the way down…

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12 thoughts on “The Assumption Week That Was

  1. We can’t have these holy relics decompose, that would be rude. I’m glad you can listen to books while flat on your back, then that is great. Who wants to just look at a ceiling for 2 hours and hear nothing but the machine or traffic.


    1. I usually listen to music, but I want to try and get through the considerable backlog I have on Kindle, before Mary buries them under “Pride And Prejudice” fanfic.


  2. It’s my Birthday b/c every year on my birthday I had to go to church…Blessings dear John. You are an inspiration to me…Stay well and blog on…The Gal from Chicago, Scarlet…


  3. We’ve had a couple of nights with downpours accompanied by the thunder and lightning show. During the day it’s still hot and humid. Yuk!


        1. Have you noticed that they redo the forecast several times a day? Before the Internet, you came up with the forecast once a day, and hoped it stayed true. Now, they have better information and can adjust it as need be.

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