Share Your World for 22 Aug 2022

Di is again pinch-hitting for Melanie, who is still recuperating. This week’s questions…

Do you have family photographs on display in your main living room? We’re not photograph people. All the photos we have are on the computer. Closest thing to a family picture we have is a painting Mary’s uncle did of his wife many years ago.

What was the best vehicle you owned? Probably the 2002 Honda Odyssey van we’re still driving now. I quit driving after the stroke, so Mary does all the driving, which amounts to no more than ten miles a week. A few years ago, we donated my 1992 Honda Accord to charity after having driven it for 130,000 miles and over 20 years. (It spent more time in the parking lot at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport than I drove it.) I used to drive the van when I was home and when we went on trips to Chicago. It’s given us no trouble at all. Neither had the Accord. I don’t know what the current models are like, but the old ones were fantastic.

Did you pass your driving test first time? No, I jumped a curb when trying to park on a hill. That was when I was 18. I passed it on my second attempt, when I was 28. Had I not had a job where I had to drive, I might never have gotten my license. My driving instructor was one of the football coaches who, due to IHSA regulations, had to be a full-time teacher. As a driving instructor, he was a good football coach. He diagnosed me as ADHD with a depth perception problem. I don’t think he even graduated high school…

Does loud music from a neighbor or passing cars annoy you? Generally, no, but we live in a good neighborhood where people don’t do that sort of thing. We have one neighbor that throws a big party once a year, and they get pretty noisy, but it’s over by 11 PM. The kids who play their radios at full blast with the bass cranked up only become a nuisance if traffic is heavy and I have to sit and listen to it. Unlike Junior Groovador, who I could listen to all day and night…

Don’t know if he’s a better dancer or bass player…

What has made you smile over the last seven days? This comes pretty close…

14 thoughts on “Share Your World for 22 Aug 2022

  1. I have family photos around my home. I actually love to see them and hold them.
    I passed my test the first time but I think the guy got scared of my mom. I went to a town where it was known to be easy but I had a bad car that would sometimes start and sometimes, not. I also got an SS gestapo wanna be as my tester. When we got into my car, it didn’t start. He started yelling at me that if I don’t know where to put the key in or how to start the car, then why did I show and he called me stupid. That’s when my mom laid into him and told him off in no uncertain terms. Luckily there was a car mechanic nearby who told me to open the hood and try the car and it started. he said it was an issue with the alternator or something like that and looked at the driver and told him to be kinder. With that, I spent 10 minutes driving around and did my first parallel parking perfectly. I passed!
    My favourite car was my parents’ Buick Riviera with that classic back window. It was so cool to drive but it got stolen when my mom went to the corner store. She left it running to go in for her cigs and 2 young men took it. They didn’t get far before smashing the car with one guy dead and the other seriously injured.
    Yes, I hate that loud rap crap music blaring where everything is vibrating. Their hearing will be screwed.
    Our doggie, Harley, makes me smile.
    I have to read about the woman on the plane


    1. You never, never, NEVER leave the car running with the keys in it, even if you’re just running in for a pack of cigarettes, a lesson I’m sure your mother learned. Car thieves wait around in parking lots specifically waiting for someone to do that. I used to turn off the car and lock it, no matter how long I was in there…


      1. Oh yes, my mom did learn the hard way and we all thought it was a bit dumb of her. She thought, because we were in the country, and most others did it, she could do it. This was her first and last time she ever did this.


  2. We keep our cars forever too or for longer than most I guess is a better way to put it. I never understood the need for some people to have a new car every other year. But that was B‘s grandparents. I kind of feel like they never got their moneys worth.


    1. They didn’t, but the people who bought their trade-ins certainly did. It’s one thing if someone puts, say, 30,000 miles a year on a car, but I’ll bet most of their trade-ins had less than 10,000 miles on them. But, whatever makes them happy…

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  3. The 2014 Chrysler Town & Country Van that I bought new in Nov of 2013 is the best vehicle by far that I’ve owned, but the Chevy vans that I had back in the 80s when I was touring were also excellent vehicles. I especially love vans on road trips.

    The back of our house faces a very busy thoroughfare that is a main street and a state route from Long Beach to Pasadena so it tends to be very busy and sometimes very loud. I don’t hear too much loud music from the passing cars as I used to, but when I do it’s typically annoying rap or Mexican ranchero music. Occasionally some neighbors will play that Mexican music very loud if they’re having a party, but it doesn’t happen that often. The biggest annoyance for me are all of the loud cars and motorcycles. And it seems like when they pass they are not content to just drive by once. It can be deafening for a few seconds and then I hear it fading off into the distance for several seconds more. That’s when I cheer on electric vehicles.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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