Top Ten Tuesday: WNSY (97.3 FM, Newport News, VA), 8/23/85

WNSY is now a radio station in my area, 101.1 FM, license to Talking Rock, Georgia. The station in Newport News, 97.3, is currently WGH-FM, “97.3 The Eagle,” that plays country music. They had been WGH-FM, one of Virginia’s first FM stations, broadcasting a classical music format until September 1983, when they abruptly changed to WNSY, playing a soft rock format before switching to Top 40 as “Y-97.” Another year later, they changed to “97 Star” and the call lettters WRSR, keeping the Top 40 format. They then returned to WGH-FM and kept Top 40 until 1990 when, after a week of “All Elvis, All The Time,” they started playing country.

Confused yet?

Anyway, here is their Top Ten for the week starting August 23, 1985, 37 years ago today.

  1. Billy Ocean, “Mystery Lady”
  2. Phil Collins, “Don’t Lose My Number”
  3. Dire Straits, “Money For Nothing”
  4. Prince & The Revolution, “Pop Life”
  5. Kool & The Gang, “Cherish”
  6. Billy Joel, “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)”
  7. Corey Hart, “Never Surrender”
  8. Tina Turner, “We Don’t Need Another Hero”
  9. Huey Lewis & The News, “The Power Of Love”
  10. John Parr, “St. Elmo’s Fore (Man In Motion)”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for August 23, 2022.

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WNSY (97.3 FM, Newport News, VA), 8/23/85

  1. It’s interesting which of these feel familiar and which do not as I was listening to all of them (and Casey casem’s top 40) on the radio. I had forgotten about pop life even though I used to have that album (around the world), but raspberry beret was a much longer-lasting song! The album feels like a bit of an anomaly for Prince to me!


  2. I remember this one… there were some jazzy soul songs coming out around this time.


  3. Ah! Nothing like a stroll down memory lane! I remember all these songs very well. MTV was just a toddler then and I was a busy mom raising two young boys. Music is like that, you know; it’s a timeframe for life, nudging us along with memories of what we were doing on a certain day in a certain year when a certain song was #1. Thanks for these entertaining and thought-provoking posts, John.


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