Song of the Day: Ferrante & Teicher, “Exodus”

Louis Teicher, one half of the piano duo Ferrante & Teicher, would be 98 years old today (he passed away in 2008). They had a hit in 1961 with “Exodus,” the theme from the Otto Preminger film of the same name. It reached #2 on the Hot 100, #1 on the Cash Box Top 100, #6 in the UK, #2 in Australia, and #1 in New Zealand.

6 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Ferrante & Teicher, “Exodus”

  1. Great choice today John. This is a piece I can play………. or at least the basic melody with a few twiddly bits of my own, and one of my Mum’s favourites.


  2. As a piano player myself, I will never forget the first time I saw the fabulous duo of Ferrante and Teicher. Never before had we seen TWO pianos facing each other and playing the most dramatic and powerful music. And what was even more interesting was the fact that both men were playing (more or less) the same thing –they were duplicating what the other was playing instead of playing two totally different tunes.No dueling pianos here, folks! It was like watching one pianist sitting in front of a mirror. Their baby grands and tastefully designed tuxedos made the experience even more exciting and each piece would end in a dramatic flourish. I don’t remember another team of pianists before or since. What a great memory seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show or other variety shows at the time (Variety shows – a thing of the past!). Even just hearing F&T on the radio was enough to give the listener chills. Thanks for this fantastic memory, John. And, of course, such dramatic and elegant piano playing! 🎹.🎶 🎹


    1. I’m a great lover of the old variety shows. Dean Martin’s might have been my favorite after Ed Sullivan’s, which was in a class by itself.

      Didn’t F&T play concert grands? Seems their sound was huge.


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