Three! Three! Three! Assignments In One!

Why do you suppose our little Capuchin monkey is so happy? Maybe because he’s going on vacation! At least, that’s my first impression, which is probably wrong, but it’ll do for our purposes.

First, I doubt that the monkey’s going on vacation. What I think is that he was caught in the act of being himself, as Allen Funt used to say on Candid Camera, by someone watching him with a video camera. When the people shooting the video were watching it, they saw him do this and said “hey! That would be a cool picture!” found the frame on the video that caught him at his silliest, and made this picture of it. I don’t think the monkey would sue if he were to see the picture and learn of the mirth and merriment being enjoyed by all, because, as we all know, monkeys make terrible lawyers.

Which brings us to this week’s FPQ, in which Fandango asks the following composite question:

Have you been on a vacation/holiday in the past three months? If so, did you take any precautions against contracting COVID? If you haven’t been on a vacation/holiday in the most recent three months, when was your last vacation/holiday? If you’re planning to go on vacation/holiday within the next six or so months, will you be taking any steps to reduce the risk of getting COVID?

We haven’t been on a vacation per se in years. Mary and I are homebodies, and my mobility issues make travel a major headache. We’re content to sit at home, where it’s quiet and we don’t have people telling us to put on masks and get booster shots.

Which brings us to Di’s question…

Whether it’s on a blind date, an interview, or meeting the new significant other’s parents, how do you react if the person isn’t how you imagined? Do you try to find some common ground, simply be polite, or shrug your shoulders?

I assume nothing about the person or persons that I meet, so I really don’t imagine anything about them. In other words, I don’t form an opinion about anyone until I actually meet them.

I’m no fun, am I?

Tally-ho and away we go!
See you next week with a brand new show!

20 thoughts on “Three! Three! Three! Assignments In One!

  1. I am up to date with my covid shots so, if I got Covid, it would not be as bad as someone without the shots. Hubby and I have not been anywhere in a few years and, to be honest, I would not want to be in a plane or other enclosed, filled to the rim with humans, modes of transportation. My friends, they are brothers…went on a cruise to Alaska and both got Covid! One was a bit more ill than the other but they had to quarantine and could not do anything when in Vancouver plus, when they got back, they could not see their mom who is 86 until they tested negative.
    I am unsure how they were able to get on the plane to be honest.
    I like your answer…short & sweet. Never assume or build up an image of that person because it’s not fair to them to be honest. Only judge and crucify them after you meet them…nyuck, nyuck


  2. Since I retired, I’m always on vacation. We used to take weekend trips to the mountains but haven’t been anywhere in a while. We don’t mind staying at home!


  3. Tally-ho and away we go! I haven’t been on a proper vacation since fall of ’19. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without getting away to somewhere. I’ wouldn’t even mind if people told be wear a mask and doublechecked that I’m fully vaccinated. I will and I am!


  4. Oddly enough I am on vacation right now! My mobility issues often keep me home bound, but I have a lightweight mobility scooter that keeps me going in longer trips out of the house!


    1. I’ve tried using a scooter, but since my stroke my right hand doesn’t work that well. I’ve tried a scooter, but I have trouble controlling it.Glad it works for you!

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      1. I also have a pretty useless right hand (due to MS), so we are clearly twinning 😁. I luckily was able to get the controls set up for the left hand.

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