Annual Tribute to Sophie Lancaster

I’m reposting this from David’s blog because no kid deserves to die this way.

The Writer in Black

As someone who is goth I run into people who have all sorts of strange ideas about goths.  I’m a bigish guy so most of that doesn’t get directed at me.  Others, however, are accused of being “dangerous” and “juvenile delinquents” or otherwise criminal because of a lifestyle we have adopted as fitting our “inner selves.” The truth is we’re more often abused than abusers (in my case “bigish guy” shields me from much of that) and even when it doesn’t rise to the level of physical abuse we see the fear, the hatred, and the locked doors.  There’s this delightful “Hornbach” advertisement that illustrates it to a somewhat exaggerated effect but which makes the point (while showing the young lady has an absolutely great dad):

The case of Sophie Lancaster is not just a cute advertisement.  It is a real-life tragedy.  Today is the “anniversary” of the death of…

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3 thoughts on “Annual Tribute to Sophie Lancaster

  1. It’s so true that you must look “the Part” or else you get the stares. I did and I was never goth but I wore my own style which got some looks and my style was very conservative to be honest. I love the ending when he paints the house black. He’s a great dad! I knew a couple of people who were Goths and they were so sweet, good-natured and polite. The exact opposite of some of the “looking just right” women (and men).


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