Bored? Me? Nahhhh…. #socs

By now, I’m sure most of you know that I hardly ever leave the house. It’s not that Mary won’t take me out, it’s more that she doesn’t leave the house very often, either, and when she does go out, most of the places she goes (Kroger, Publix, CVS etc.) are not places where I would be a great help, and I’d be sitting in the car, and that can be boring. At least at home, I have my computers and Wi-Fi where I can entertain myself.

People nonetheless ask “aren’t you bored?” Frankly, I’m not. Staying in this summer has meant that I haven’t had to deal with the heat. I have plenty of music and reading material to keep me occupied, not to mention the writing I do here and elsewhere. If I were sitting in front of the TV all day watching the talk shows and sitcom reruns, I would be, but since I don’t, I’m not.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now here’s Rex Marshall for instant Maxwell House coffee. As Teddy Roosevelt said, it’s good to the last drop!

21 thoughts on “Bored? Me? Nahhhh…. #socs

  1. Good for you! I don’t understand people when they say they are bored. My husband gets bored from time to time so I mention all the things he could do-Take the car and visit; let’s go for a walk; ride your bike; garden; read; watch a movie; draw…he will say “nah” to all of these. I can enjoy myself on the computer/Ipad; watch a movie; read a book/magazine or do my cards/scrapbook. I can enjoy doing very little. I think some people need to relearn how to be by themselves and enjoy without being entertained.


    1. I think one has to learn how to appreciate and enjoy downtime. I used to keep a note on what I was going to do when I had the time. I divided it between things I could do in a hotel and things I had to be home for, because this was when I traveled. When I was bored, I’d check my list…


  2. I’m always amazed at your blogging output and how much thought goes into each post – I can imagine boredom is the last thing you feel. It always cheers me up to see another post from you, even if I don’t always have time to comment. I’m currently formatting (and re-learning how to format) two books.


    1. Thanks! There are some posts that aren’t as good as others, but if they entertain, I consider that a win. Have fun formatting the books; I know Dan Antion said it was a bit of a challenge…


  3. I sometimes think I would like to be bored – because it would mean life has slowed down!! But as an introvert, I am quite happy when I get to hang at home.


    1. Most of it’s offline. Wrote for Max’s TV draft earlier this year, and volunteered to write for the Songshine Sounds blog but haven’t yet. (They’re probably ready to kill me…)

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    1. You find that there’s nothing you really want to do. There are only so many movies you can go to (and at today’s prices, that you can afford to go to). We’re not joiners or crusaders, not especially outdoorsy, have no grandchildren (or children, for that matter). Mary’s taken up canning, but most days she reads or plays Candy Crush; I’m on the computer most of the day, blogging, responding to comments, or reading and reacting to other blogs, watching YouTubes etc. We’re happy, and nowhere near Covid-19.

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