Top Ten Tuesday: WQXI (790 AM, Atlanta GA), 8/28/54

We haven’t done a survey from the pre-rock ‘n’ roll era in a while, and since the surveys I’ve been working from are starting to all look the same, I thought I’d go back to 1954 to look at Atlanta’s WQXI-AM. When I moved to Atlanta in 1987, I only had an AM radio in the car, and this was the station I listened to the most, because they were simulcasting their FM station, WQXI-FM. Eventually, WQXI-FM changed its call letters to WSTR, which usually signals a format change… but it didn’t in this case. By that time, I had a car with an FM radio and lost track of what the AM station was doing. They’re now a Korean-language broadcaster. Here’s their Top Ten from August 28, 1954, 68 years ago.

  1. “Three Coins In The Fountain,” Four Aces
  2. “Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight,” McGuire Sisters
  3. “In The Chapel In The Moonlight,” Kitty Kallen
  4. “Cinnamon Sinner,” Tony Bennett
  5. “Hernando’s Hideaway,” Archie Bleyer
  6. “If Give My Heart To You,” Connee Boswell
  7. “Little Things Mean A Lot,” Kitty Kallen
  8. “Sh-Boom,” Crew-Cuts
  9. “Hey There,” Rosemary Clooney
  10. “The High And The Mighty,” Les Baxter

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for August 30, 2022.

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WQXI (790 AM, Atlanta GA), 8/28/54

  1. Long back the radio was a very important part of our lives. We listened to two stations, Vividh Bharati and Radio Ceylon. But it has been ages since we listened to them. And there is nothing on the TV worth listening to or watching. Now it is YouTube . We listen to music and talks. Life has changed a lot.


    1. It’s the same here. AM and FM radio are still around, but there are so many better ways to listen to music or talk, and TV is the wasteland Newton Minow (head of the US Federal Communications Commission in the ’60’s) said it was back then. The Internet allows me to listen to radio stations around the world, and YouTube has so much music, movies, TV shows, podcasts etc. that there’s hardly any reason to watch the TV.

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  2. I realize how much I enjoy this type of music. Somewhere I must be 105 yrs old:)). I was never a lover of 3 Coins because I hate that “dip” the chorus sings..3 coins …(dip) in the fountain. They hit those flat notes but I really enjoyed this rendition by the 4 Aces. It did not seem as noticeable.


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