#FPQ 180: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho

Fandango has a doozy of a question this week:

Have you ever worked from home as an alternative to going into a worksite to do your job? Would you prefer working from home or working from an office? If you have been able to work from home since the pandemic hit and are now being told that you have to return to showing up at the office everyday, how would you feel about that?

Around 1994 or so, they issued each of us a laptop and told us to take it and all the stuff from our cubicles home. Unless we were in the office teaching or onsite at a client, we were to work from home. They gave us a furniture allowance and paid the cost for a local telephone line (this was before the prevalence of cellphones). For the next ten years I was based at home. My next job had pretty much the same rules: if you had no reason to be at the office and ween’t onsite, you could work from home. This was particularly good when I had my stroke: I could hook into the company’s VPN and access any computer from there.

I prefer working from home, and after my stroke it was a necessity. As much as they talk about the computer business being a job that you can do from anywhere, there was still the attitude that you have to be at the office, which I learned when I tried to get a job where I was able to work from home 100% of the time. When I would go to one of the job boards and look for “work from home” jobs, what usually came up was jobs where you were on the road all the time, or where they’d let you work from home one day a week. That wouldn’t do in my situation. That’s when I went on Disability.

The last question is moot: I was already retired when “Two Weeks To Stop The Spread” was announced. But say I was still working when it happened. That was right around my 64th birthday. If I had been working in the office at the time, I would dutifully return to the office two weeks later. Had it dragged on for two years, as it did, there’s a good chance I would have retired.

Anyone else noticed editor’s acting weird?

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  1. WordPress released Version 6.0.2, which could be the reason why things look different. I started my roundup post for my weekly prompt 2 days ago and now it looks different. The area where I draft my posts is wider and my images are repositioned. From what I read, the new version contains patches for vulnerabilities.

    Another day in the life of blogging. lol


  2. About a million years ago I worked from home because I was a sales rep and there was no office to go to. It was great, but it was also unusual for the time so most people didn’t understand my home office set up. I was on my own schedule, driving where I needed to go, turning in orders as required. Loved it, until I got tired of being by myself all the time & dragging sales samples around. There’s always something lousy in every job. 🙄


  3. Weird how? If I’m not in the app, the screen often locks up and I have to exit and refresh. Usually lose the last few words I’ve typed 🙄


    1. I was working from home until, last Sept. 15th I was told good bye. My new job called for me working g at the office and that’s fine as it is just me here and I love it.


      1. Some people like working in an office. I missed seeing my colleagues. I liked not having the hour’s drive from home to the office and back, though…


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