#TBTMemory 54: When The Dog Bites, When The Bee Stings, When I’m Feeling Sad…

Maggie provides this week’s prompt, which is favorite things. Quoth she, “Pick any period of your adolescence and think back to all your favorite things. Feel free to elaborate as much as you want.

Who was your favorite relative? Not to play favorites, but who was the person you connected with more than others? Aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent, or parent? Why were you closest to them? Outside of my immediate family, I’d say Grandma Holton. We all loved her and she loved all of us. To her, Mom was a daughter, not a daughter-in-law; when Mom married Jack, she adopted him as a son; and when Patrick was born, he was as much her grandchild as any of us. That was the kind of person she was. I always felt comfortable talking to Grandma. I’d share a picture, but I can’t get the scanner to work.

What was your favorite TV show? Share a clip if you can find one. Oh, geez, there were so many… I will say, just for argument’s sake, that it was a tie between Bozo’s Circus and Cartoon Town, both of which I wrote about during the TV draft earlier this year. The links will take you there. I have a few links on the latter in that post; here’s a brief sample of The Bozo Show (the renamed Bozo’s Circus) with a young girl playing the Grand Prize Game!

What was your favorite book or favorite family story? There are too many family stories that are good ones. I have a lot of them written up and I will eventually make them available for purchase. When that’ll be, I have no way of knowing. As for my favorite book, when I was in high school I read and re-read Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes. In 8th grade, the film version, Charly starring Cliff Robertson, made its debut, and we all walked over as a class to the Granada theater (one of the old-fashioned movie palaces) to see it. I was feeling nostalgic one day and got the book out of the library. I read about two chapters and shut the book, wondering what I saw in it. Here’s the trailer from the movie.

What was your favorite, song, record, or album. Feel free to share a YouTube video of it. If you’ve been reading my Song Lyric Sunday posts the last couple of weeks, you know I’ve written about The Chicago Transit Authority, the first album by the band Chicago. That might be my favorite album of all time. Here’s a playlist with the full album.

Who was your favorite teacher? What grade were you in and what subject did they teach? Betty Keoughan, who I had for Latin and Greek in high school. I had her all three years I was at New Trier West High School, and by the time we were finished, we were very good friends. One day a few years ago, I thought I would look up some of my high school teachers. Naturally, many of them had died, including Miss Keoughan. She had one of those virtual guest books, and I found it the day before it was going to close to new entries, so I was able to leave a memory there. Don’t have a picture of her, either, although she kind of reminded me of Miss Grundy from the Archie comics.

What was your favorite subject (not teacher) in school? Chemistry, mostly because of my lab partner.

Who was your favorite (aka best) friend? What things did you do together? There were three of us named John in grammar school that remained friends until life interfered. We just hung out together, playing cards, telling gross jokes… you know, guy stuff. There’s also Mark, who I met in the smoking area at school. The band he was kind of in needed a bass player, and although all I had was an acoustic guitar, I bought a pickup for it and sat in with them. That fell apart, but Mark and I kept making music through high school and a bit beyond, plus, you know, guy stuff.

What was your favorite way to pass the time? Sit in my room, smoke cigarettes, drink Dr Pepper, and play albums while re-re-re-reading the liner notes.

What was your favorite holiday? How did you celebrate? Christmas is always a favorite, but I’ll say New Year’s Eve. I’d celebrate by watching the festivities on TV in New York and Chicago while smoking cigarettes and drinking Dr Pepper. Notice a trend developing?

No idea who this is, but it’s from New Year’s Rockin’ Eve…

What was your favorite toy or possession? Doll, camera, radio, bicycle? My guitar, a Harmony acoustic with a treble clef painted on the headstock.

Just like this one, but more banged up.

Bonus: What was your favorite adventure? Family trip, amusement park, field trip, or vacation perhaps. We went to California in the summer of ’67, so Mom could look for a job out there. We stayed with friends of hers (the husband was working on his Ph. D. at Stanford), then with her cousin and her kids on the other side of the bay, and finally flew down to Disneyland for a few days. I’m glad she never found a job, though I think she didn’t want to move away from Chicago and leave her sisters and Grandma behind.

And no, I didn’t get ears

That’s it for this week!

Tally-ho and away we go!
See you next week with a brand new show!

11 thoughts on “#TBTMemory 54: When The Dog Bites, When The Bee Stings, When I’m Feeling Sad…

  1. It’s funny how childhood memories can be strong but the adult reality so very different. I’ve done that with both movies and books I watched/read as a child. I’m sure there is a reason my child self loved them.


  2. You and Dr. Pepper have a love relationship…hahaaa. My favourite teacher was Mr. Allison who taught Grade 10 math. I hated math and could not understand it. I was told by my previous math teacher to go to the special class. When he placed his arm around my shoulder, leering at me. I took his arm off me and then asked how to dealveithbthe math problem. He just shrugged and left. He was a jerk. Mr. Allison took the time with me and when the kids started laughing at me and making jokes he admonished them and I felt 10 ft tall. I ended up with a B. He was a kind and generous man who truly cared.
    I loved reading Call of the Wild 10 Little Indians and The Diary of Anne Frank who was my hero.
    I had a friend from grade 11..Louisa who was Portuguese and I enjoyed her company but when I was in university, she dissed my calls and wouldn’t talk to me. Tobthis dau, I wonder what changed.
    I listened to ABBA and ELO but also hooked on classics.
    I watched Bewitched, Gilligan’s Island Lost in Space, Charlie’s Angels, The Jeffersons..you name it.
    I loved my Oma. I only met her 4 times because she and Opa lived in Graz, Austria. When I did visit, my heart just eentnout to this beautiful lady who had a tough life but still could smile. When I see and hear a cardinal, I think it’s her visiting me.
    I never took art because I was terrified of the bullying and didn’t want them to know about my art but I would have like thst. Otherwise, I liked History and English.
    This Chicaho album is great. Some goes a bit fray which is not my thing but overall, I really loved listening to it.


  3. Thanks for joining in John. As usual, your clips are wonderful. I adore Chicago. I wore albums out playing them. I did notice a trend, Sticking my teacher foot out to say, I am hoping you gave up the smoking.


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