The Labor Day Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Rheingold Extra Dry beer. Join the millions who buy Rheingold Extra Dry!

I just learned that “dry beer” is beer with very little sweetness. Kind of like vermouth, which comes in sweet and dry.

Happy September, happy Labo(u)r Day, and happy autumn! Just like Memorial Day (the last Monday in May) is the unofficial start of summer, Labor Day is the unofficial end of it. Thanks to all the working people, which is what this day is all about. There are two days that celebrate workers, tomorrow and May 1, which we call the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker and the rest of the world calls May Day.

I’ve been using Apple Music a lot lately, and discovered “John’s Station,” which as far as I can tell picks all the music primarily from my collection. I like that because I have so much music out in Music (once called iTunes) that I forget what’s there. I’ll hear something and wonder how that got in there, and discover it’s from a long-lost album that’s been in my collection for years…

That’s all the news I have, so let’s move on to

Thanks to:

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Have a good holiday, if you’re celebrating!

8 thoughts on “The Labor Day Week That Was

  1. Time for me to break the rules and still wear white:). I hope we get cooler and less humid weather. My brother is talking about beer o his Facebook page, the life of Baron. He talks about other things but he is having beer tastings and giving his stars. He is an excellent writer.


    1. It’s cleared up now here, but we’ve had a couple of days of rain. And of course, it evaporates right away, meaning that it rains again later. It’s really humid here regardless of what time of the year it is….


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