Truthful Tuesday 9/6/22: Celebs

Di stands in for Melanie once again, and asks

How do you feel about ‘celebrities’ getting their fizogs in the press all the time, despite having said they want privacy then still crave for attention, can’t seem to make the headlines without getting their kit off, or basically aren’t happy unless they are slagging someone off.

I considered asking Di to translate this into English, then I figured out what (I think) she was saying. It all has to do with celebrities saying how much they hate all the attention they get while at the same time wanting it to continue, even at the expense of making a fool of themselves in public or having a public spat with someone. That’s what I’m going to answer, anyway…

It’s like Oscar Wilde said: “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” All celebrities are, at their core, narcissists, and they worry that, if people stop talking about them, they’ll be forgotten. They believe that any publicity is better than no publicity, so they’ll do pretty much anything to give them a fix.

19 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 9/6/22: Celebs

  1. The ones who say they hate it continue to go to places known for celebrities going there. I never be
    I’ve these people. Think of Virgo Mortensen, for example, he does his own thing and we don’t see him in the papers all the time.


  2. Spot on John. When I wrote my question I never thought about my friends across The Pond. Fandango did a translation of fizogs (faces), getting kit off (stripping or almost naked) and slagging off (running people down) bless him!

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