#1LinerWeds Blast From The Past!

We got on the subject of “guilty pleasures” today, and I remembered doing a couple of posts on the subject a few years ago, in this case 6.5 years ago (i.e. March 2016). I dug it out of the archive and thought this was a good quote, albeit a little longer than one line.

Linda runs One-Liner Wednesday. Now this word from Budweiser beer. Where there’s life, there’s Bud!

16 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds Blast From The Past!

    1. Image is such a big thing to many people.why do we have the term “ guilty pleasure” in our vocabulary. I have come to the point that I truly don’t care. I have been like that most of my life which is why I was bullied ( one of the reasons) and got stares from people. Always makes me feel good when I go those stares.

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