Song of the Day: Patsy Cline, “Walkin’ After Midnight”

Country music chanteuse Patsy Cline was born Virginia Hensley 90 years ago today. “Walkin’ After Midnight” was written by Alan Block and Don Hecht, originally for Kay Starr, who rejected it. Patsy didn’t want to do it at first, but compromised with Decca Records and released in 1957. It reached #2 on the Country chart and #12 on the Hot 100 that year.

18 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Patsy Cline, “Walkin’ After Midnight”

  1. Loved it. Nothing like country music to stir those rusty corners of our heart. ❤

    I’m now going to head to youtube and look for her music.
    I love Bo the Drifter too for his country. Bet you have hear him John?


  2. This past weekend I did some reading about her. I have only heard her music before…she was an interesting and talented lady.


      1. She had a rough life also and almost got killed in an auto accident before this…I didn’t know about that. I read about one guy…Jimmy Haney who was supposed to be on that plane but Patsy told him no…go be with your family and we will do the concert…incredibly sad.

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    1. I didn’t really know her music that well until I saw a stage show about her. The young lady who played Patsy was a dead ringer for her, and had a voice that was similar to Patsy’s. By the end, both Mary and I said “we gotta get more Patsy Cline music.”


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