Simplify! #socs

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Colonel McCormick, who published the Chicago Tribune in the early 20th century, was a proponent of simplified spelling. He thought that it was silly to spell through when thru worked just as well. Likewise, spell thorough as thoro, although as altho, rough as ruf, judge as juj, debt as det, doubt as dout, and so on. I mean, if we’re not using all those letters, why have them in there?

It would certainly simplify matters if to, too, and two were all spelled the same, say as tu. We could spell its and it’s the same way and be done with it. Likewise, way and weigh could both be spelled way. Night, bright, light, fight , and flight could be nite, brite, lite, fite, and flite, or better nyt, bryt, lyt, fyt, and flyt. Screw all those silent letters!

Linda runs Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now a word from Ballantine Gold ale. Brewed with brewer’s gold!

24 thoughts on “Simplify! #socs

  1. I had no idea this man existed and asked why it’s spelt in these ways. Blame it on the historical English which is Germanic. It used to be that everything was pronounced but that disappeared over the ages. I’m still a stickler for the proper English and will eve spell Donought in this manner.


    1. Isn’t it “doughnut”? English is a bit of a mutt: it has words from the Vikings, the Normans, the Saxons, the Romans (Latin) and Greeks (Greek), and words borrowed from Arabic, Russian, probably Sanskrit and Hindi, Swahili…


    1. I think Speedwriting, which they used to advertise in magazines as an alternative to shorthand, was like that. I was never good at taking notes in class: I always wanted to write full sentences and spell everything correctly. I could be rather anal about spelling, punctuation, and grammar…

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