MMMM: The Best To You Each Morning!

September is Better Breakfast Month, so, in my role as Guest Conductor of this musical choo-choo, I asked everyone to spell out “breakfast” using song titles. Here’s my effort: I’ve tested this list so I’m sure it’ll play in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia without having to go to YouTube to do it. If you have a different result, this is the link to the playlist on YouTube.

  • “Born To Wander,” Rare Earth
  • “Ram On,” Paul McCartney
  • “Everything Is Beautiful,” Ray Stevens
  • “Any Time At All,” The Beatles
  • Kellogg’s Rice Krispies commercial featuring Snap, Crackle, and Pop as a jazz trio
  • “Free,” Leonid & Friends
  • “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You,” The Monkees
  • “Stop! Stop! Stop!” The Hollies
  • “There’s A Kind Of Hush,” Herman’s Hermits

At this point, I’m supposed to add in the Linky, but WordPress doesn’t allow me. So, if you’ve come up with your own playlist and would like to join in, either click here, or see the Linky on Cathy’s, Alana’s, or Stacy’s page (the links are below).

That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for September 19, 2022.

Monday’s Music Moves Me is sponsored by Cathy, Alana, and Stacy, so be sure and visit them, where you can also find the Linky for the other participants.

15 thoughts on “MMMM: The Best To You Each Morning!

  1. What a playlist. Leonid and Friends did an amazing cover of “Free” with extra brass, and I noticed, in the credits, that a backing vocalist was from Ukraine. Made me sad, but I was cheered up with “Stop! Stop! Stop!” Various songs I haven’t heard in a long time and I didn’t care that it was dinnertime and not breakfast time.


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