Thursday Wrap

This Thursday Wrap is brought to you by Schlitz Malt Liquor. Nobody makes malt liquor like Schlitz. Nobody!

So, what’s the idea, and where have I been all day, you might ask. Is this a new feature, you might ask? Well, not really. I just never posted anything on Thursday besides the Song of the Day, partly because I had nothing to post and partly because, after several nights of barely sleeping, I finally got a good night’s rest Wednesday night/Thursday morning, albeit not nearly enough because I had to get up early Thursday. Needless to say, I was dragging my butt around most of the day. Anyway, I have a couple of things I should have posted today, but didn’t, so I’ll do that now…

First, here are the results of my most recent Battle of the Bands, which pitted blues guitarist Samantha Fish against organist Lucky Peterson on the song “Who’s Been Talkin’.”

Samantha Fish – 3

  • Arlee
  • Birgit
  • Jack

Lucky Peterson – 5

  • Max
  • Stephen
  • Dan
  • Lauren
  • Eugenia

Congratulations to Lucky Peterson and a pat on the back to Samantha Fish, who did a tremendous job at keeping it close. This really could have gone either way, as some people who voted for Lucky thought Samantha was just as good.

I never received any prompts for this, and considered using another from last week’s batch or going back a year and choosing a prompt from a year ago, but ultimately fell asleep and never got around to it. I hope it wasn’t anything serious, so send good thoughts and prayers Kat’s way.

The subject of today’s Throwback was “slang.” I was going to do it this afternoon, then I read Paula’s response and realized mine would have been almost exactly the same, so I said “screw it.” Check her replies out.

All for now!

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