The High Holy Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Cool Whip nondairy whipped topping. Tonight, why not have a little pie with your Cool Whip?

Yes, I know, Cool Whip is one or two ingredients from being plastic. I don’t care.

Rosh Hashanah starts tonight at sundown. L’Shana tova to all of you who celebrate it!

A couple of health-related updates: Kat, who runs Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World-Famous Writer’s Workshop, didn’t provide a prompt this week because she and her husband Pat both came down with the Covid. Please send prayers and/or good vibes for their quick recovery. On the other hand, Melanie from Sparks From A Combustible Mind, who had been ill for a while, has now more or less recovered and will be back with the Share Your World and Truthful Tuesday prompts this week. Welcome back!

I had all kinds of trouble sleeping earlier this week. I’d go to bed and be awake until 4 AM. Fortunately, I’ve worked my way through that, I hope. I’ve used melatonin in the past and gotten some help from it, so maybe I’ll pick some up for those odd nights. When I took my trip to Australia about 25 years ago, I immediately went to an herb shop looking for it, because I knew I’d have jet lag out the wazoo, but discovered that they didn’t sell it Down Under. I don’t know if that’s changed or what…

So that’s what’s going on here. Let’s move on to

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And that wraps up this edition of The Week That Was.

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  1. Melatonin does work well. I use it once in a while and sometimes I take a Benadryl to knock myself out. 🙂


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