Truthful Tuesday: Candy Corn!

Before we get to today’s question: following up from yesterday’s Share Your World, I have another “Halloweeny” song to share: Henry Mancini’s “Experiment In Terror,” the theme song from the movie of the same name. WGN-TV in Chicago used this as the theme song for their Saturday night screamfest, Creature Features.

Now on to this week’s question, which I must answer truthfully:

Your thoughts on *EEK, GASPP* CANDY CORN??   Hate it, love it, it’s one of those things seen around a specific time of year and everyone has an opinion one way or another it seems.  If you’re from a country that doesn’t have a ‘thing’ for candy corn, perhaps you’d like to share a classic treat that your community or country does enjoy.

I’m kind of in the middle here: I don’t love it or hate it. I’ll eat it if it’s around (and might eat the whole damn bag, which is why we don’t keep it around), because I’m neutral leaning in favor of liking it, but I don’t miss it if it’s not there. I remember Mom really liked it and usually bought a bag or two during the holiday season.

I’m not really a Halloween kind of guy, and don’t think I ever have been. I like the candy aspect, but not the costume one, and I’m not much of a fan of horror movies, especially ones about vampires, which are more gross than scary.

9 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: Candy Corn!

  1. I never liked them along with those caramel toffee.. blechh. My dad ste them do ee gave that to my daddy rather than him taking our chocolate. Actually my brother and I love Rockets and would even trade a chocolate bar for more Rockets. Love that music


  2. We got some the other day…it’s just soooo sweet. I can eat it but it’s so rich that I can only eat so much.


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