What’s In The Refrigerator? #socs

Let’s start with the commercial today. This post is sponsored by Frigidaire, makers of the Cold Pantry refrigerator. Built and backed by General Motors!

I wish they still made the Cold Pantry. Did you notice that you can wheel the whole shelf out to where you can see everything on it, including the stuff in the back?

The problem with our current refrigerator (or “fridge,” which I never call it) is that things that end up at the back of a shelf can, if they’re small enough, fall off the shelf, down the back of the food compartment, and end up behind the fruit and vegetable drawers, which at our house are almost always empty. (Not that we don’t eat fruits and vegetables, we just don’t keep them in there because they get forgotten until they’ve turned into a soupy mess.

Really, why do they even have those? We could certainly use more shelf space, and not these humongous drawers that usually sit empty. And yes, we have tried putting things into the drawers that aren’t fruits and vegetables, and sure as God made little green apples, we’ve forgotten them in there until they start getting really stinky.

And don’t even talk to me about our favorite game, What Was This?

Chicago Bears football great William “The Refrigerator” Perry. Just had to add him…

Linda, as always, runs Stream of Consfciousness Saturday.

18 thoughts on “What’s In The Refrigerator? #socs

  1. My mom created many science experiments by having food at the back of the fridge. She would get me to go through it but open up the container to find put if it was still fresh. The last time I did that, I think it eas meat, I gagged so vadly thst I told her never again. To this day, if something is too old, out it goes, the whole thing. My hubby tells me to separate the container from the contents and I just looked at him and told him he can do that.


    1. Mary buys these Glad containers at the grocery store that you can see through and look at the contents. Much, much better than Tupperware and very inexpensive to where you don’t mind if you have to pitch the contents and container.


  2. A fun take on the prompt, John! That commercial is precious. That was an interesting design. Look at how small it was and fed a family that size! None of the kids were obese, so there’s that connection I’d say. πŸ€” I agree with you on the stuff that falls into the back of the fridge. We find many of those kinds of spills in the fridges that we clean for our rentals. Our current 20-year-old fridge is a Frigidaire. πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ€£


    1. Twenty years is very good for a refrigerator. Right now, we have a second refrigerator in the garage, so Mary doesn’t have to lug frozen food up from the garage.

      Another huge reason the kids aren’t fat is that they burn off a lot of calories riding their bikes and probably riding or walking to school. My guess is that dinner was well-balanced, even with dessert.

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      1. Yes, we’re counting our blessings that the beast of a frig lasted 20 years. Is your garage heated? We had one in our garage and the winter wasn’t kind to it, it didn’t operate well in the freezing temps. But, many folks around here do have their garages equipped with party ready appliances like refrigerators.

        Yes, kids spent so much time outside playing and getting plenty of Vit D too. Yes, the dinner was likely well-balanced too and eaten before any dessert was offered.


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