Share Your World for 10 Oct 2022

Melanie has the questions, I have the GIF’s and smartass answers. Here we go…

Can we really know everything? I doubt it. There are 7.5 billion people on this planet, and while everyone knows something no one else knows, the sum-total of all of that is still finite, while the number of things to know about everything is infinite, including the real rules of Monopoly, a game that takes about twenty minutes if played according to the official rules.

Where were people before they were born? In their mother’s uterus, naturally, but before that, they existed in the imaginations of the kids’ parents.

Does the Law of Attraction exist? One of my neighbors in Chicago (he lived in the northern suburbs, as I did at the time, and we’d see him driving to work in the morning in his salmon-colored Cadillac, smoking a cigar) was W. Clement Stone, the founder and CEO of Combined Insurance Company of America. Mr. Stone was a great proponent of Positive Mental Attitude, adapting his mentor Napoleon Hill’s motto, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve (with PMA).” Or, to put it another way, whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. So yes, I believe in it.

I didn’t actually know Mr. Stone, and I’m sorry now that I never did.

Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world and less in the real world?  If so, why?   If nay, why? I believe so, and the reason is simple: in the virtual world, you can write the rules and thus rewrite history. in the real world, what’s done is done, and there’s no do-over. In the virtual world, all the stupid things you did never happened. The trick is to learn to love yourself in the real world as much as you do in the virtual one. I haven’t quite done that. But I’m trying…

Are you happy? Oh yeah, despite everything I might have said to this point. After all, we’re having meat loaf and curly fries for dinner!

9 thoughts on “Share Your World for 10 Oct 2022

  1. I love what Stone said and it’s do true. I could be a bit happier…I’m a little down but we had very sad news on the weekend. An aunt of my hubby’s died and his nephew tried to kill himself. He is I treatment but only gor 72 hrs. Then he has the right to leave. I hope he doesn’t and finds out what is wrong with his brain and gets the help gor this and his bad addiction. I feel like I’m all thumbs. This is why I love what this man said. I enjoyed reading your answers.


    1. I can still see Stone in his Cadillac, driving to the office even though he might have been the wealthiest man in the Chicagoland area and well past standard retirement age. He built that company up pretty much by himself.

      Sorry to hear about the aunt and the nephew. I hope he has the good sense to stay and get help for himself.


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