Happiness Is All In My Head #socs

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

I have a couple of “happy places.” One of them is YouTube: I can visit empty shopping malls, liminal spaces, watch the commercials from a Sunday night in 1984, watch a TV station in North Korea, watch the stuff I miss because I don’t have cable, see documentaries about WWII, and of course, music music music.

The other place? My dreams. The ones I have in the afternoon, when I inadvertently fall asleep, are particularly interesting. Yesterday, I parked my car at a parking garage when I went to the office (which, as I’ve said before, looks like a grocery store, complete with shelves, kind of like the Winn-Dixie I used to go to 30 years ago), and when I got out of work, I couldn’t remember at which garage I had parked and spent half the evening looking for it. Or at least I assume I did, because I woke up without finding it.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now a word about RCA Victor radios with IMPAC unbreakable cases.

16 thoughts on “Happiness Is All In My Head #socs

  1. On the rare afternoons when I do find time to nap, I end up dreaming something so terrifying that I wake up with my heart thudding in my chest!
    I too get dreams where I am searching for something and can’t find it. How frustrating that feels!


  2. Having lost my car for real more than once, this wouldn’t be a “happy place” dream for me! YouTube, on the other hand, brings an endless variety of happy places – for me, and for my 18 and 21 year old offspring. At the height of the pandemic, they introduced me to Unus Annus (the channel that died on its first birthday, as was the plan at its birth), and we had something wonderful, silly, and happy to share every day.


      1. The deal was that it was okay to take clips, but not to share episodes. Someone WAS doing that, using the same name, but I believe they were pulled down.

        It was an amazing thing to do with my nearly-grown kids, and we all watched most of the “Unus Annus is Over” party.

        It was an impressive (and sometimes rather gross) collection of content, and 2020 turned out to be the perfect year for that venture.

        I had heard Markiplier’s name for years from my kids but really didn’t know much about him until they started showing me Unus Annus videos.

        Now I can recognize his voice from anywhere in the house, and I’m glad he was a part of their growing up.


  3. I rarely have afternoon nap dreams probably because the naps aren’t long enough, but I do enjoy my wee early morning dreams. Often they are much like you describe: Searching for something I can’t find or just being lost and wandering. Hmm–sounds like a metaphor for my life.

    I’ve put up another Halloween themed Battle. Hope you’ll stop by and vote.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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