Writer’s Workshop: Strike A Pose!

The request is to share an old class photo of myself. Here are four….

This is my picture from fifth grade. This was taken in the days before color photography. Don’t know what’s going on with my hair here.

This is me in sixth grade. I look like I’m about to throw up.

Seventh grade. I think I was voted the “best-looking in my class picture” that year. If you saw the rest of them, you’d understand why.

Finally, eighth grade. The goofy look on my face was courtesy of a friend of mine yelling, “HEY HOLTON, SAY PROVOLONE!” before they took the picture. I shared this one on Facebook, and a woman friend of mine said that if I had been in her eighth-grade class, she’d be all over me, because she loves redheads. While I had reddish highlights, the truth is the colors have probably faded to that color. That’s true for all of these. Except the first, where you really can’t tell.

I was a cute little bastard, wasn’t I?

12 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Strike A Pose!

  1. Look at that dapper young man in those snazzy suit and ties! I don’t think there is an amount of money Kainoa would accept to wear a suit and tie to picture day. But he would look handsome just like you! I love these photos.


    1. It was a different time, when kids were expected to dress up because their parents dressed up. I can remember going to basketball games at Chicago Stadium dressed in a coat and tie…


  2. You were John – what a fun post … loved the pics – as kids we either hate or love the camera – probably even more so as we get older!! Cheers Hilary


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