The Pre-Halloween Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Speedway 79 gasoline. Treat your car to some power fuel!

I actually got out of the house this week! Had a good checkup on Wednesday, my teeth are now clean and fluoride-protected. Of course, I managed to swallow a little bit of the baking soda they spray on my teeth to polish them, then I swallowed a little bit of the fluoride treatment as I was swishing it around in my mouth, which set my stomach off. And it’s been one gastrointetinal adventure after another. But, anyway, I don’t have to go back until March, so that’s a relief.

I found a new YouTube channel, JimmyP’s Trax and Grooves. He posts airchecks (off the air recordings) from radio stations around the country, some from back in the ’60’s, of which he has a few from WLS and WCFL, which I grew up listening to. I’m pretty excited to have found the channel.

A quiet week otherwise, so it’s time for

Thanks to

And that’s a wrap on this week’s edition of The Week That Was.

6 thoughts on “The Pre-Halloween Week That Was

  1. Glad the dentist is done with snd I, too, have swallowed that crap but I didn’t have any issues like you fid. That sucks. I will check out this YouTube channel.


    1. I think it was the combination of the fluoride and the baking soda that I swallowed (which made me retch there at the office) that turned my stomach.

      Jimmy has a few airchecks from Canadian stations as well that you might want to check into.


  2. Hi John – so glad you had time out … even if some of it distinctly hit the wrong note in your system – but you have clean teeth and no need to return til the Spring … take care in the week ahead – cheers Hilary


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