Five For Friday: RIP Jerry Lee Lewis

“The Killer,” Rock & Roll, Country and Gospel singer Jerry Lee Lewis, died this morning at his home in DeSoto County, Mississippi. I thought a small musical tribute to him was in order. We’ll get back to songwriting teams next week.

  1. Great Balls Of Fire
  2. What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)
  3. Turn On Your Love Light
  4. Meat Man
  5. High School Confidential

Rest in peace, Killer. That’s Five For Friday, October 28, 2022.

21 thoughts on “Five For Friday: RIP Jerry Lee Lewis

  1. I thought he died years ago but I get him mixed up with Bill Hailey. He had quite the talent snd was a whirlwind. I’m glad he starred when he did because, in today’s woke thinking he would be banned. I mean, he did marry his 13 yr old cousin which is creepy but she was willing. I still have to see the movie. Loretta Lynn was pregnant by 12 and stayed married to the guy for 50 yrs or something like that so there was love there. Then there is Charlie Chaplin who also liked them young. As far as I know he never raped them and they were willing and able. I know people will strike me dead.


      1. I think he did play there. He rebounded from the marriage thing to have a tremendous career in country music. Hard to believe he was pretty much the last person standing out of the big fifties performers…you wouldn’t have thought he would have been the last.

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    1. It’s always tough trying to do justice to someone’s life’s work when you’re limited as to how many songs you want to feature, so I just grabbed the ones I liked. Sorry for your loss; I felt the same when we lost George Harrison.


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