Pink Elements #socs

When I saw the prompt for today was "element," I naturally thought of "elephant"…

Stampy, this blog’s unofficial mascot

Anyway, element makes me think of chemistry, and chemistry makes me think of my old lab partner. I haven’t been able to find her, and I have a feeling she might have shuffled off this mortal plane, so I haven’t given her a whole lot of thought lately.

Anyway, in chemistry, there are a couple hundred elements, which are the basic building blocks of everything on Earth. Everything that isn’t an element can be broken down into the elements that it contains, such as water (hydrogen and oxygen), table salt (sodium and chlorine), methane (carbon and hydrogen), and sodium laureth sulfate (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and sodium). (That’s found in a lot of shampoos.)

I was going to talk about Strunk and White at this point, then I said, "hey, haven’t I already talked about them?" And, lo and behold, I located an SoCS entry that I had written pretty close to when I started doing this weekly challenge, all the way back in 2014, before many of you were reading The Sound of One Hand Typing, when Linda used "element" as the prompt. So, I’ll simply send you over there, and you can see that I talked about a lot of the same things I talked about today. Happy reading!

Linda is our hostess for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now a word about Chevron Supreme gasoline, a super-octane fuel for today’s horsepower!

15 thoughts on “Pink Elements #socs

  1. That’s impressive that you remembered back to 2014 when Linda used that prompt before. That elephant is so darn cute, I’m glad you keep him around. SLS is also in toothpaste, lotions, cleaning products, etc. While they say it’s safe, being bombarded by it in so many products we use on a daily basis, it would be hard to prove it’s a single culprit for cancer, hormone imbalance, etc. But, there are studies to say otherwise. That Chevron ad was a hoot. I hope you have a great week, John!


  2. I thought of chemistry elements and elephants too, but some somehow, they got lost along the way. I do remember my high school chemistry teacher (though not her name), a small, lady with blonde hair, and excellent teaching skills since she got me to enjoy a challenging subject. I still appreciate her confidence in me.


  3. Hi John – well that was a good mix …and I enjoyed the elehumps with their pink shoes … though I never saw any pink shoes when I was lucky enough to see plenty of elehumps in Africa! Strunk and White – I’ve never understood the Elements of grammar – and if you don’t mind I’ll stay that way … cheers Hilary


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