Simply Six Minutes: My Guardian Dear

My sporadic participation in Simply Six Minutes comes largely as a result of my not being much of a fiction person, but I took a second look at this week’s picture and it made me think of something I learned when I was young.

I know many of you are sitting there thinking, "geez, he says he doesn’t like fiction, and now he hits us with this nonsense!" The thing is, I don’t see it as fiction. I grew up believing in angels, particularly guardian angels, and forgot about them for a while, then I read Andrew Greeley’s Angel Fire

Someone to watch over me? Sean Seamus Desmond, newly-announced Nobel Prize winner, relishes the unknowns of science, but a real-life mystery of love and passion. . . in the form of a beautiful woman who says she’s his guardian angel? Impossible. Yet there in his New York hotel room is an enchanting creature named Gabriella Light, who inexplicably and dramatically has just saved his life.

Voluptuous and exquisitely dressed, sexy Gabriella, angel or not, is determined to keep him alive as a terrifying web of intrigue closes around him. Pursued by a very real and present danger, Sean Desmond will question his own sanity and his deepest beliefs, as he experiences what cannot be rationalized away as anything other than a powerful, radiant, and transcendent love. . . one that will test him as a man too long afraid of human and divine fires within himself!

A wonderful, electrifying novel, Angel Fire, will delight readers with the storytelling magic that Andrew Greeley does best. Again he has created a tale rich with suspense, breathless entertainment, compelling ideas–and fascinating charaters we love, cherish, and never forget.

There’s a scene in this book where Gabi shows Sean the true nature of God that was so beautifully written it made me cry. I was on a plane flying from Los Angeles to Atlanta, and just couldn’t help myself. That night, when I got into bed, I said as much of the "Angel of God, my Guardian dear" prayer as I could remember. It was like meeting an old friend again…

Anyway, I see this week’s picture, and all I can think of is the little girl seeing her Guardian Angel in the reflecting pool.

These memes gave me a good laugh.

Christine hosts Simply Six Minutes.

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