Truthful Tuesday, 11/8/22

As noted previously, Di has replaced Melanie on Share Your World and Truthful Tuesday. Evidently, Melanie had taken it over from PCGuy IV (Frank), who seems to have set his blog to "private."

Di shared the very first set of questions and her answers to them, so here’s my answers:

Do you prefer coffee or tea? Coffee

Do you prefer it hot or iced? Hot

How do you take it? Black, no sugar

What is your earliest memory of drinking coffee? I got home from school (I think I was in sixth grade) and decided to heat up the coffee left over from that morning and have a cup. I remember not liking it and dumping it out.

What is your earliest memory of drinking tea? Making iced tea by the glass with instant iced tea. It was the unsweetened kind with no added sugar or lemon. I liked it that way.

Now, on to today’s question:

Do you prefer a single question, a variety on a theme or a mixture of both for the Truthful Tuesday prompt? I’d say a mixture, mostly a multi-part question on a theme rather than single question, but single is fine, too.

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