Writer’s Workshop: An Even Dozen

I tell myself that I’m going to do this and then go to bed, which means I’m doing this while tired; it could be interesting.

I’m listening to a playlist on Spotify called Ultra Lounge – The Ultimate Collection and groovin’ along to the tunes.

I have strange tastes in music.

I mean, if you’ve followed things around here, you know I like classic rock, blues, acoustic music, and jazz (including smooth jazz), but I listen to a lot more than just those genres.

Those would include country, lounge, ambient, production (library) music (music that was recorded specifically to be used as the background for commercials, TV shows, and movies), "beautiful" music, even Muzak.

These types of music are good when you need something to drown out noise, such as kids fighting, someone using power tools like circular saws, or people chatting a little too loud at the office.

It’s real good music for writing, although as a rule I prefer instrumental music if I need to focus on the words that I’m writing as opposed to the song lyrics.

The other day I saw the icon for Scrivener and realized that I hadn’t opened it in a while, so I opened it and found something I had been writing, and just picked up where I left off.

It involved re-reading what I had written months ago and trying to remember where I was going with it, and I was actually enjoying the words I had written.

The thing was, I had four or five false starts on this story, and as I read I started thinking "this should go in the story somewhere," so at some point I’ll have to have one big ol’ Scrivener file with all the different versions in it, from which I can assemble the story.

Then I think "I really need to get back to the memoir I’m writing," which is also in Scrivener, so I need to open that up at some point and work on that.

I’m having a little too much fun with this…

In case you were wondering, the prompt I’m using is "write a blog post in exactly 12 lines."

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: An Even Dozen

  1. At times, I am the proverbial Wandering Jew (no insult to anyone, so lighten-up) with my writing. Usually, it’s full steam ahead and then the detours set in. Background music in my office definitely helps, the television, does not.

    Checking out Scrivener, just for chuckles and giggles.


    1. I’m sure I’m only using ten percent (or less) of the features Scrivener has, but it’s a good writing environment and, if you plan on publishing via Kindle, it has some excellent features for getting the material ready. I think the price is still less than $50, so it’s not too expensive. It’s worth a try… http://literatureandlatte.com


  2. I can’t listen to music and write at the same time. That is a talent! I can, however, procrastinate on writing on a book and/or a memoir so I know better than to start one. But I’d love to read yours!


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