Song Lyric Sunday: Linda Ronstadt, “You’re No Good”

Source: Melanie

This week, Jim wants "songs by an artist or a group that was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine." It reminded me of one of my favorite issues of Rolling Stone, which I used to read pretty regularly: the issue dated December 2, 1976, which featured the utterly gorgeous Linda Ronstadt on the cover, dressed in what may be classified as a "teddy."

All right, so I’m a pig. Actually, I share that honor with Jann Wenner, who featured an entire layout of the lovely Linda thusly dressed inside the magazine. After all, I didn’t tell them to print it. For that matter, I seem to recall that she was more than happy to do the spread and had a good deal of fun doing it.

The pictorial is only a small part of the reason I chose to feature her. She had an incredible voice, no matter what she was singing, and she sang in so many different genres: rock, folk, jazz, country, Latin, Big Band, and that’s just for starters. Notice I said "had an incredible voice": her voice began to deteriorate in 2000 and she retired in 2011, at which time it was revealed that she suffered from progressive supranuclear palsy, a "late-onset degenerative disease involving the gradual deterioration and death of specific volumes of the brain." We’re fortunate to have her large body of work from which to draw, but still…

Anyway, I’ve chosen a 1974 live performance of "You’re No Good," a song written by Clint Ballard Jr in 1963 and originally recorded by Dee Dee Warwick. It was also recorded that year by Betty Everett and the following year by the Swinging Blue Jeans. Linda’s cover rose to #1 on the Hot 100 in 1974, her only #1 hit. The lyrics are in the video.

And that’s Song Lyric Sunday (and Song of the Day) for November 13, 2022.

22 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Linda Ronstadt, “You’re No Good”

  1. She’s a mega talent with as you pointed out, versatile voice. I should research and see if I can find out how she picked her cover songs. She had her favourite writers for her pop stuff, but she kills it on this song. good stuff John.


  2. Hi John – we do learn of misfortune diseases that we might not come across otherwise – but she had an amazing voice and it was such a pity she had to stop singing … interesting artiste – thanks for posting this – a great memory – cheers Hilary


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