Song of the Day: C. W. McCall, “Convoy”

William Dale Fries Jr., better known as C. W. McCall, was born on this day in 1928. He was an advertising executive whose campaign for Old Home Bread, that featured his spoken-word songs, won a Clio Award and led to further recordings. “Convoy” came out in 1975 and reached #1 in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and #2 in the UK. Additionally, it reached #1 on the US Country chart, #4 on the Canadian Country chart, and #13 on the Canadian Adult Contemporary chart in 1975.

C. W. died earlier this year due to complications from cancer.

30 thoughts on “Song of the Day: C. W. McCall, “Convoy”

  1. Hi John – I do have to say … this is one of my favourite songs; at the time I had an interim job working for some people who were doing an advert for a Mercedes truck … so this song was most definitely appropriate at the time. Thanks for posting … cheers Hilary


  2. When Smokey and The Bandit came out, this song was just a natural to become famous. Funny, I remember our bus drivers got these radios since the buses broke down or the drivers ended up in the ditch (at least once a year in Winter) and they just kept using them to talk to each other. They were so bad, truckers complained and our principal had to tell each bus driver to smarten up. I was witness to our driver getting a talking to and I was tickled.


              1. Right in the middle. The Amish craftsmen built my barn and fences. They also would show up in buggy’s in the morning to see my one cow milker that I became well known for putting together. Lived on 10 acres and did farming in minature. Was a great time.


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