Truthful Tuesday: NOPEra

Di has a simple question for today:

Have you ever been to The Opera?

Everything I know about opera and the closely-related operetta I learned from Bugs Bunny cartoons. I had a great-aunt Marie, who was a coloratura soprano and a member of the Illinois Opera Guild most of her adult life, but we never broached the subject of opera. I do remember her sitting with her as she watched The Pirates of Penzance on TV one Sunday afternoon, but that’s as far as it goes.

Kip tells me that, once the opera starts, no one can leave the theater until intermission. Definitely not the kind of show you can fully appreciate if you have a weak bladder or drank a Big Gulp (roughly 1 liter of your favorite carbonated beverage) before entering the theater.

In Atlanta, there’s Timothy Miller, an operatic tenor who sings with the Atlanta Opera and teaches at Morehouse College. Baseball fans around Atlanta know him as the guy who sings "God Bless America" during the seventh-inning stretch at Sunday Braves home games.

Now, Broadway musicals are a little more my style…

Tally-ho and away we go!
See you next week with a brand new show!

12 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: NOPEra

  1. You are so lovely….I know I caaan’t help it. I love that Wagner Bugs Bunny much more than the actual Wagnerian operas. I tried watching the whole 3+ hours of Tristan Und Isolde once, when I was a teen. It was on PBS…I was determined but when my dad got angry at me and threatened to come over there and give ne a slap( he said that often but never ever raised his hand to me..ever), I had to change the channel to his news. It was not…easy to watch. I have seen Carmen and, if ever, one had to see an opera, Carmen would be the one because every peace is a huge hit that most people have heard before. I do like opera but I like operettas more. Operetta are funny and light hearted with some speaking in between. I do love listening to some greatest hits from operas like the theme from Lokme ( I know I spelled that wrong. It’s most famous from a British airways commercial).
    That man has a truly amazing g voice and, I bet, if he sang the Toreador song from Carmen, the people I the Udience would love it. Hey, you could pit him against Kate Smith singing this song. She was an American institution and this was HER song.


  2. I really truly respect the talent they have….I do…but a big nope from me also. I love plays but musicals in general I don’t like.


    1. Even as an older woman, my aunt had an incredible voice, and there are so many great opera singers (living and deceased) that I love hearing. Opera just leaves me cold, though.

      At least half of the Great American Songbook (which isn’t actually a book) consists of songs that were written for musicals. That’s why I like the musicals.

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  3. Hi John, Scarlett here. I know you know much about blogging. I have not been able to post on my blog since October. When I bring up the write prompt, it goes to a blank screen. Can’t seem to get it back on check with the tech’s of WP…Any suggestions ??? Thanks, Scarlett


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