The Thanksgiving Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by good old new Cherry Cola from Shasta!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m working off a pretty serious sleep deficit. Hopefully, by the time you read this, that will be well on its way behind me.

Hey, if you haven’t had a chance to vote in my latest Battle of the Bands, hop on over and vote now, or any time before noon on Tuesday. The song is “You’re No Good” and the contestants are Dee Dee Warwick, Betty Everett, and The Swinging Blue Jeans. I’ll announce the winner later on Tuesday and not make you wait a month or more for the results, unlike some other places…

Did Thanksgiving creep up like a pair of cheap underwear on anyone else? Mary turned to me not long ago and she said, “My God, this Thursday is Thanksgiving!” And I was as shocked as she was. I’m pretty sure that most of y’all had a much better sense of time than we did, and you’re already busy making side dishes, finalizing the guest list, and, most importantly, washing the baseboards… The holiday season is almost officially started!

And with that, here’s

Thanks to:

And that wraps it up for this edition of The Week That Was.

17 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Week That Was

  1. I can’t believe it’s that time already! We are going to my cousin who invited us…then we will cook a turkey for the weekend. I hope Mary and you have a great one John.


        1. I think part of the reason Shast didn’t do so well in the Chicago area was because we had alternatives, particularly Canfield’s, that had a wide variety of soft drinks, including 50/50 (a grapefruit-and-lime drink that was better than Fresca), Swiss Creme Soda (“das is gut!” as the commercials said), Cherry-Ola Cola (as you might guess, a cherry cola), Mickey Melon (a watermelon-flavored drink that bore the image of Mickey Rooney on the can), Diet Chocolate Fudge soda (yes, it tasted like chocolate), all the regular flavors (cola, lemon-lime, black cherry etc.) and a whole line of mixers (ginger ale, tonic water, club soda, seltzer). search for “Vanished Chicagoland: Canfield’s Soft Drinks” on YouTube: a friend of mine put together several short videos showing the Canfield’s line.

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          1. That’s sounds wonderful. Too bad Canfields vanished. The videos are great. Enjoyed the background music. And Hula punch … spin-off of Hawaiian Punch I assume. They had something for everyone 😀


            1. I think Hula Punch was like Canada Dry’s Tahitian Treat, which in turn was like carbonated Hawaiian Punch. Canfield’s seemed to borrow a lot of ideas from Canada Dry…

              Another big name in soda Chicago-style was RC, and the grocery chains (Jewel, Dominick’s, and National) had their house-brand sodas. Jewel’s went under the name Yummy, which were actually pretty yummy.

              Pete Kastanes makes some great videos, most of which are Chicago nostalgia, and does a good job of setting them to music.

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              1. I was originally supposed to be in Chicago today. Now maybe I’ll go in April or May. Watching his videos is a nice way to go there virtually. I’m also watching Mysterious Chicago videos with Adam. Such an interesting history.


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