A Lot On My Plate #socs

We had a good Thanksgiving dinner both on Thursday and yesterday. Turkey, sweet potato casserole (with marshmallows!), hash brown casserole (Mary substituted it for mac & cheese), applesauce and cranberry sauce, and of course pie for dessert, banana cream for me, a multi-berry pie for Mary. Of course, I ate too much, and of course, I don’t care, because it was all really good.

I have a bunch of little things to attend to the next few days. Not anything earth-shattering, but there are a lot of them, and I want to try and get them knocked off. One of those things is to find out where a package of mine is. The Postal Service says that it’s at one of their distriubution centers in Atlanta but that it’s being held there for some reason. Anyway, they left me a message almost two weeks ago and gave me a number to call, and every time I call, I get an automated message telling me my call will be answered by the next available agent. After about a minute, the automated voice tells me that she’ll transfer me to the operator, whereupon the phone rings about 15 times, then I get a rapid busy signal. It’s driving me crazy!

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday each week. Now a word about Grain Belt Beer. Goes great with hot dogs!

The voice of William Conrad!

18 thoughts on “A Lot On My Plate #socs

  1. Yay for overindulging on Thanksgiving! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and Mary. Dang…that’s a bummer about your package. We had that happen last year and we never got the package or a refund. Sigh. I hope your persistence pays off and that your package arrives safe and sound.


            1. The first thing I bought was a catalog of the items they sold, and as I flipped through it, I realized that it was a great American success story. That’s when I decided I wanted to collect other ephemera of theirs, because, as successful as the company was, they’ve completely vanished with very few traces…

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              1. Thank you for sharing more info, that’s very interesting. I wonder how many other companies went through that same thing at the time. Was their closure during a pandemic or an election year? 🤔 Did anyone collect items like those recently to share with their families in the future.


  2. Ah, the USPS! I set up an online account with them a while back. If you have the tracking number it is much easier to deal with them online. I’ve had them redeliver a package several times and it has always worked.


  3. The guy in the top photo eats like my husband David. He says it comes from years as a firefighter. I sure hope your package turns up soon and in good shape.


  4. Good luck finding that package, John. We got a notice from the Post Office that a package had been received, and was awaiting delivery. After three days, they told us we were mistaken. It must have been UPS. My wife still had the email. She knew what it was, and the company only ships USPS. Two days later, it arrived.

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