Song of the Day: Robert Goulet, “If Ever I Would Leave You”

Singer Robert Goulet was born on this day in 1933. He met Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe in 1959, at a time when they were having trouble casting the role of Lancelot in their new musical Camelot. He auditioned for the role and got it, a relative newcomer (although he had played summer stock with the Kenley Players up to then). His show-stopping rendition of “If Ever I Would Leave You” became his signature song.

15 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Robert Goulet, “If Ever I Would Leave You”

  1. All the music in Camelot was great. I loved the Richard Harris version though he played Arthur so well it was hard to believe Gweneviere would cheat on him.


    1. Richard Burton played Arthur on Broadway, didn’t he? I have a hard time picturing that…

      And like I said, they didn’t write a lot of shows together, but some of the most memorable songs from Broadway were Lerner and Loewe compositions.


  2. Our first dance song when Sheila and i got married.

    A favorite Robert Goulet memory was when Goulet cohosted the Mike Douglas show, obviously half in the bag, as he tried to out the Manhattan Transfer singer. “Is that lipstick? How does your wife like it?” “Im not married””well how does your girlfriend like it?” A panicked Mike Douglas changed the subject.


    1. He had an incredible voice and he seemed like such a nice guy. He’d go on variety shows and looked like he had a great time. He was a real trouper…


    1. Like I said yesterday, Lerner and Loewe didn’t write a whole lot of shows, but they had some of the most recognizable songs, many of which have become standards. Why? Because people love them. They can’t hear one and not sing along.

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