Share Your World for 11/28/22

Di runs this. You know the drill…

Do you have any family traditions? Mary and I have pizza rolls for dinner on New Year’s Eve. Mom used to make Shrimp Creole on New Year’s Eve, and I think Pat has continued that one.

With December on its way, have you ever been carol singing? Back in my Music Ministry days, we would do the 9 PM Christmas Eve Mass, and start off with a half hour of Christmas songs (not necessarily carols). Other than that, no.

Ernie and Bert, my role models

Do you decorate your home for the Christmas holidays? No. The reason? Cats.

No further explanation should be necessary.

Do you enjoy the Christmas rush for preparations and shopping? We haven’t participated in the “Christmas rush” for many a year now. We don’t mind sitting back and watching from a safe distance, but as far as getting into it ourselves? Nnnnnnnope….

I’m grateful for Mary. The one thing in my adult life that I think I got totally right was marrying her.

17 thoughts on “Share Your World for 11/28/22

  1. I hope your wife reads your blog because you just are deeply in love with her. ..not just love her but, after all these years, you are I love with her. You are lucky and so is she.
    I hate the Christmas rush and prefer to go to independant stores. I go all out for Christmas and the kitties are aok…they don’t climb it. The big issue will be our Harley. He is a 100lbs of fun but I am scared he may try to eat the ornaments( my mom created many egg ornaments which are precious to me). The good one will all be higher on the tree. We are also scared he will think it’s his own fire hydrant so we will be keeping the door closed on that room.
    Tradition…I have the Advent Wreath hanging up fro. The ceiling and my tree is decorated the way my mom, her mom and her mom before would decorate it. I don’t do candles but lights(coloured), ornaments and I have several glass ones like my great grandmother had. And tinsel. The tinsel, or Lameta as the Germans call it is a mix of tinsel from here and from Germany. The difference? The ones from Germany are made with lead so they hang nicer and are heavier than the fly away tinsel from here. The cats do not eat it but I make sure to not hang the tinsel on the lower branches.


    1. I certainly am lucky. I think of what life would be like without her… it just wouldn’t be worth living.

      Lead has been prohibited, at least in the US, because kids have a tendency to put things in their mouths, and kids eatig leaded paint chips resulted in developmental issues. So they took it out of anything a kid would eat.

      You mention an Advent wreath: are you Catholic, Lutheran, or something else? I guess I’ve never thought to ask.


  2. We don’t have carollers here like you see in American movies (is that actually a thing? Or just something in the movies?). We do have Carols by Candlelight events, but like this year, I’m usually playing in the band (in two community carols events this year). I have been to a couple of Carols by Candlelight when I was a kid I vaguely remember.


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