Song of the Day: Andy Williams, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”

Singer Andy Williams was born on this day in 1927. Andy released 43 albums in his career, 15 of which were certified Gold and three of which were certified Platinum. He was active in the music business for over 70 years before his death in 2012. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” is from the 1963 album The Andy Williams Christmas Album, which was certified Platinum and reached #1 on the Billboard Christmas Albums chart.

On a personal note…

This album was on heavy rotation at the Holton/Christian household from the day the tree was brought into the house and decorated until the day the decorations went back in the attic and the tree was removed. This and Bing Crosby’s Christmas album were two of my mother’s favorites and it’s hard to imagine Christmas without them. I’ll say it again: Music is memories.

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  1. You are so right about music being memories. I bought a Bing Crosby Christmas album dad the last Christmas he was with us and he played it until February!
    Andy Williams was a fixture on TV around this time along with Bing, Bob and Perry Como. I watched Michael Buble’s Christmas special because it’s a reminder of when I was a kid.


    1. I can believe that about your father. Bing had a voice that people never forget.

      A couple of years ago I posted the Christmas specials that I could find on YouTube on Mondays in December. People forget just how wonderful they were. They probably seem corny now, but they might have been the best reason to watch TV during Decembers, when a lot of the regular shows were showing reruns. I wish one of the nostalgia stations would gather up as many as they could find and show them at this time of the year.


  2. This was my family’s go-to Christmas album every year. We had in on cassette, and my husband bought it for me on vinyl a couple of years ago. It’s definitely Christmas when I hear Andy Williams.


    1. Williams, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, and Dean Martin made four of my favorite Christmas albums. What was so good about them was that they weren’t afraid to sing the traditional carols.

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  3. I do love this one. And I am on board with you 100% on the music is memories. It amazing how just hearing a few bars of a song can send me back to a particular moment in time.


  4. Hi John – I used to love seeing Andy Williams when we got to see him over here … he did have a melodious voice – cheers Hilary


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