The First December Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Folger’s coffee. Mountain Grown for richer flavor!

You do realize that most coffee is grown on mountains?

Had an old friend visit this past week: Victor Hong is the son of our landlords from Glenwood Avenue. Hope you stop by again, Victor!

It’s been a relatively quiet week here. As everyone knows, quiet is good. Boring is good.

My latest Battle of the Bands, based on Leroy Anderson’s "Sleigh Ride," pits a high school band against a middle school band. Both bands are excellent, and if you haven’t voted, you have until Thursday at noon to do so.

Yes, the Christmas season is upon us and this year’s "Xmas Music Xtravaganza!" starts tomorrow on Monday’s Music Moves Me.

And that’s all I have, so let’s move on to…

Thanks to

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was.

19 thoughts on “The First December Week That Was

  1. I’m glad you had a great visit with your friend. Love that commercial as it was so long running. I think that is Ann Margaret’s mom who hands out the Folgers??


    1. It was visit over email and comments, but it was fun to hear from him. I knew him when he was a pesty kid…

      Mrs. Olsen was played by an actress named Virginia Christine. While she wasn’t Ann-Margret’s mother, she was Fritz Feld’s wife for over 50 years. Fritz was the guy who did the “pop” by hitting his open mouth with his hand. Observe:


        1. Mary and I are real homebodies. She’ll say she should go to the store, and end up ordering from Amazon Fresh. They deliver right to the door. As much as we used to go to Starbucks, I haven’t actually been to one since March 2020.


  2. Have a good week John.
    I’ll be working from home…I got over my sickness on Thursday and Jen got a little sick yesterday so tonight I gave her a covid test along with me…just to do it…we are both positive. If I had to get it I’m glad it’s mild. I love working from home anyway.


    1. I have a feeling it’s dying out. I know a couple of people who had pretty serious cases of it, but many more who knocked it out by staying home and taking it easy. I have a feeling it was a lot less deadly than we were told itwas. But that’s me.

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      1. I totally agree with you…if you look at the morality rate…it tells it all.
        The doctor is prescribing some antibiotics to knock it out at home…I went through one bad night and that is about it.


        1. Funny, viruses tend to look at antibiotics and laugh because they generally don’t have an effect, but for some reason, they do with Covid. At the very beginning, they were prescribing HCQ (that they usually use for malaria), zinc, vitamin D, and azithromycin (an antibiotic), and were having pretty good luck with it, so naturally the FDA banned it…

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          1. Jennifer got some called in today…my doctor gave me Penicillin because my symptoms are so low…I just want something to knock the sinuses out…and he gave me steroids.


    1. I really appreciate that, Susan. If it helps, I typically start posting at 3 AM Eastern time (that is, I schedule my posts starting at 3 AM), to catch the European readers…


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