Top Ten Tuesday: WHIM (1110 AM, Providence RI), 12/5/59

WHIM-AM in Providence, Rhode Island was a Top 40 station from 1947 until 1966, when they changed over to Country music, a format they kept umtil December 30, 1997, which was their last on-air date. They’ve been dark ever since. Let’s go back to this week in 1959 and hear what they were playing that day.

  1. Lloyd Price, “Come Into My Heart”
  2. Steve Lawrence, “Pretty Blue Eyes”
  3. Frankie Avaon, “Why”
  4. Paul Anka, “It’s Time To Cry”
  5. Freddy Cannon, “Way Down Yonder In New Orleans”
  6. Connie Francis, “Among My Souvenirs”
  7. Bob Beckham, “Just As Much As Ever”
  8. The Drifters, “Dance With Me”
  9. Ernie Fields & His Orchestra, “In The Mood”
  10. The Royal Teens, “Believe Me”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for December 6, 2022.

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