Song of the Day: Edmundo Ros, “Melodie d’Amour”

Trinidadian-Venezuelan musician, vocalist, composer and bandleader Edmundo Ros was born on this day in 1910. "Melodie d’Amour," originally "Maladie d’Amour," is a popular French West Indian folk tune originally recorded by Leona Gabrielle in 1931. The 1949 arrangement by Henri Salvador popularized the song, and it has been recorded by a number of French artists. Leo Johns, who wrote the English lyrics, renamed it "Melodie d’Amour," which Ros recorded in 1957. It spent a week at #5 that year.

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Edmundo Ros, “Melodie d’Amour”

  1. Hi John – it’s a great song for these times … and his voice is very sensuous … and I see he lived til he was 100 … I’ve enjoyed it – cheers Hilary


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