Song of the Day: Paul Butterfield’s Better Days, “Too Many Drivers”

Happy heavenly birthday to Paul Butterfield, who would be 80 years old today. I learned a lot about playing harmonica from listening to his records, both with the Chicago-based Butterfield Blues Band and the Woodstock-based Better Days. “Too Many Drivers” was written by Andrew Hogg and appeared on Better Days’ second album, 1973’s It All Comes Back.

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Paul Butterfield’s Better Days, “Too Many Drivers”

  1. I think they were the first to “go electric’ at Newport as I believe they were on before Dylan’s more publicized appearance. However, you would be the authority on that one John. I worked at a bar were the manager played a mean blues harp usually after the place closed for the night, can’t play anything if my life depended on it so I’m always impressed with those who can!


    1. That’s right, they were on before Dylan and people were furious that they were even invited. Imagine their shock when half the band stays on stage when Dylan comes out carrying a Stratocaster…


  2. I love what I’ve heard from them. I play harmonica but mostly Bob Dylan style…I never could bend a note worth a dam


    1. It was the original Butterfield Blues Band that helped Dylan go electric– not Paul, but Mike Bloomfield, Sam Lay, and Jerome Arnold. I think Al Kooper (who wasn’t with the band) was there, too.

      I had no trouble bending the “draw” notes (where you’re sucking air in), but never mastered bending by overblowing, and like Butterfield, didn’t go past the seventh hole. I was just starting to do those things when life got in the way…

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