Share Your World for 12/19/22

Time for the pre-Christmas edition of Share Your World! Di gives the questions, I give the smartass answers…

How organised are you in either your working or private life?

Not at all!

Do you remember family birthdays or anniversaries and send cards? I remember my birthday, Mary’s, my parents’ and brothers’ birthdays, and that’s about it. Cards? Nnnnnnope…

Lisa’s such a pain in the ass…

If you see something in a shop that is an extravagance but you can afford it, do you buy it? If it’s something I want, it isn’t an extravagance. Then we can talk about affordability.

Are you looking forward to the New Year? Sure! Why not?

What simple thing warms your heart? Watching cats play.

Why we don’t have a Christmas tree…

That’s all for this week. Time to blow this Popsicle stand…

31 thoughts on “Share Your World for 12/19/22

  1. Hi John – just to sit and read quietly without worrying will be great – I’m way behind … but c’est la vie as I have no responsibilities in that direction except presents – managed those … simple ones. Happy Christmas and a peaceful time for you and Mary – Cheers Hilary


  2. How organized I am…huh… my wife’s nickname for me is Messy Marvin…I’m not a planner…I’m by the seat of my pants kind of guy most of the time.


            1. The American Staffordshire is a relative of the pit bull terrier. That breed has gotten some very bad press in the US because people train them to participate in dog fights, probably because they have such powerful jaws. In fact, the pit bill, when treated right, is a wonderful dog, especially around kids. They’ve been called “nanny dogs” because of that. I think it’s terrible how people will take dogs and turn them into killers like that…


              1. Me too. GSDs, rotties and dobermans have all gotten bad press on the past, yet I have never met a bad or dodgy one. Staffies are quite sweet and were popular over here some years ago but not so much now. Hubby doesn’t trust them though, but again, I have yet to meet a bad one. It’s the JRTs and chihuahuas I get a bit twitchy with.


        1. They’re a little pricey, but the Devon Rex is a possible solution for that. They have a short, curly coat with no guard hairs. We’ve had two, and they’re a lot of fun. They’re about as hypoallergenic as you’ll find.

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          1. That is good to know! Maybe someday we can explore and try it out – our friends have Siamese cats and I guess they are less allergenic than most cats
            But for now – doggies have been our choice for pets

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