Top Ten Tuesday: KYMN (1520 AM, Portland OR), 12/19/64

KYMN in Portland, Oregon wasn’t around very long as a Top 40 station. It took over from KGON in August, 1964, and broadcast Top 40 until September 18, 1967, when they switched to a “Beautiful Music” format. Currently it’s KXET that has a Russian-language Christian format. Here’s KYMN’s Top Ten for December 19, 1964, 58 years ago yesterday.

  1. Dave Clark Five, “Anyway You Want It”
  2. The Detergents, “Leader of the Laundromat”
  3. Dick and DeeDee, “Thou Shalt Not Steal”
  4. Bobby Vinton, “Mr. Lonely”
  5. The Impressions, “Amen”
  6. The Larks, “The Jerk”
  7. The Supremes, “Come See About Me”
  8. The Searchers, “Love Potion Number Nine”
  9. Sue Thompson, “Paper Tiger”
  10. The Beatles, “I Feel Fine”/”She’s A Woman”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for December 20, 2022.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: KYMN (1520 AM, Portland OR), 12/19/64

  1. I was 6 months old looking at the lights on the Christmas tree. Some of these I never heard of like laundry but love Love Potion and, of vourse the Beatles


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