Five For Friday: The Sherman Brothers

Brothers Robert B. (1925-2012) and Richard M. (1928-) Sherman have written the musical scores of more films than any other songwriting team. They were hired as songwriters by Walt Disney in the early 1960’s, and scored at least 30 films (a full list of which can be found here). They also wrote songs for Disneyland and Disney World and a number of popular songs as well, many of which were performed by Annette Funicello. Here are five of their songs.

  1. “The Bear Necessities” (from The Jungle Book)
  2. “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” (from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)
  3. “Feed The Birds” (from Mary Poppins)
  4. “Pineapple Princess”
  5. “It’s A Small World”

A lot of the examples I wanted to use were unavailable to embed because of YouTube’s policy of not allowing children’s songs to be embedded or included in playlists, for reasons known only to YouTube. It might be worth visiting YouTube and playing some of the other Sherman Brothers songs….

That’s Five For Friday for December 23, 2022.

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