Song Lyric Sunday: The Cramps, “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns”

Source: Melanie

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Appropriate for the holiday, Jim has chosen "Punk" as the theme for this Song Lyric Sunday. Once again, not being really familiar with the genre, I went and looked up what I could find about. Turns out, a band about which I read years ago in Guitar Player magazine, The Cramps, fits the bill. They’re a garage punk band fronted by lead singer Lux Interior and guitarist Poison Ivy. The song I chose is their 1989 hit, "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns," from the album Stay Sick. This is their only song to reach the US charts, peaking at #10 on the Alternative Airplay chart, no doubt helped by the heavy airplay on MTV (back when they actually played music). They did much better in the UK, placing five singles in the Top Ten on the Independent Singles Chart, including 1985’s "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?" that reached #1.

I been a drag racer on LSD
And I rode bare-assed on top of the Sphinx
I even had a gorilla on the slopes of kismet
And man, that was fun for a while you bet but…

Bikini girls with machine guns
Bikini girls with machine guns
This stuff’ll kill ya
It’s loaded with fun
Bikini girls with machine guns

Well I savored many foreign kinds of delicacies
Intoxicated ’til I can’t tell what the hell I could see
Had all the violence and liquor within close reach
But all bars, pills and three ways lead me back to the beach and…

Now they say that virtue is its own reward
But when that surf comes in I’m gonna get my board
I got my own ideas about the righteous kick
You can keep the reward, I’d just as soon stay sick…

Source: AZLyrics

And that’s Song Lyric Sunday and Song of the Day for Christmas Day, 2022.

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    1. I don’t think we got cable until all the Braves games moved off of WTBS, and we got rid of it about eight years ago. By that time MTV had all but stopped playing music videos except for from 6 to 9 AM.


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