Share Your World For 12/26/22

Di provides the questions, I supply the laugh track.

If you have been given a variety of gifts, do you have a clear out of older stuff to make room for it? We do the clearing-out at a different time, usually after getting the new item.

Do you overindulge with food for special occasions and then come to regret it with either weight gain, guilt or severe indigestion? Always, and I don’t necessarily wait until the holidays…

What is your favourite part for any celebration? Depends. If it’s family, just catching with everyone. If it’s not, when it’s over.

Are you looking forward to getting bargains in the January Sales? We don’t shop the January sales, actually. We rarely go to any retail stores. We shop at Amazon a lot, so if they have a sale on something I need, I’ll probably buy it.

That’s all for now…

13 thoughts on “Share Your World For 12/26/22

  1. We do clearing-out during the year. We don’t shop retail stores. If we need something, then we go to Amazon. Neither one of us overindulges in food but we don’t always eat healthily.


    1. We will do a clearing out when Mary gets a bee in her bonnet. There’s an organization called Nspire that does a lot of the charity pickup in the area, and I get a text from them at least every two weeks, so sometimes we’ll clean out and get a bag or two of stuff from them.

      Have you tried Amazon Fresh? It’s their grocery service. Sometimes when Mary doesn’t feel up to going to the store she’ll put in an order with them. Amazon owns Whole Foods, but Fresh is just regular groceries. It’s great if you don’t feel like shopping, and the prices are similar to Kroger and Publix.

      We just eat what we want and not worry about how (un)healthy it is…

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  2. Do you overindulge with food for special occasions and then come to regret it with either weight gain, guilt or severe indigestion?…. yes, yes…and last but not least….yes


  3. My stomach is in a bad way, and I didn’t even eat nearly as much as usual! Making some lamb chops for my brother and his wife and son on Wednesday, though. And some popovers. So not quite done. I never shop in stores anymore either. Order it all online from Walmart–I try to avoid Amazon except Prime video at least most of the time because I got ticked off at them going after Parler or whatever it was. Walmart isn’t perfect either but not as bad. Hard to buy American these days. Didn’t use to boycott businesses for their personal views until they started attacking people or getting overtly insane. I like Starbucks occasionally as I drive by for instance. They seem to have toned down the politically correct crap a bit and he graduated from the same school I did in the Yoop. Happy New Year.


    1. Hard to buy American when there’s not so much manufacturing going on in this country.

      I think Starbucks realized that people from all over the political map get coffee there, and they don’t want to bite off their own nose to spite their face. I miss the days when no one wore their politics on their sleeve (or carried them on their shoulder like a chip). Goes for any retail establishment, really.

      I haven’t had lamb chops in years. For that matter, I haven’t had lamb in forever. It used to be real popular. Now? Not so much. I guess they’re making gyros meat out of beef and pork now…


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