Top Ten Tuesday: KSWO (1380 AM, Lawton OK), 12/24/60

Currently, 1380 AM in Lawton, Oklahoma is occupied by KKRX, “The Ticket,” a sports-talk station. I didn’t find much history on KSWO, but the ARSA site had their survey from December 24, 1960, with which I have recreated their Top Ten for that date.

  1. Ballad Of The Alamo – Marty Robbins
  2. You’re Sixteen – Johnny Burnette
  3. Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea) – Lolita
  4. North To Alaska – Johnny Horton
  5. A Thousand Stars – Kathy Young
  6. He Will Break Your Heart – Jerry Butler
  7. Last Date – Floyd Cramer
  8. Are You Lonesome Tonight – Elvis Presley
  9. Alone At Last – Jackie Wilson
  10. Wonderland By Night – Bert Kaempfert

My thanks go to The45Prof on YouTube, who has accumulated all of the hit singles from the early 1950’s through at least the 1970’s and posted them all onto YouTube. The amount of work he has done is incredible, and we’re all the beneficiaries.

That’s Top Ten Tuesday for December 27, 2022, the last one for 2022.

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: KSWO (1380 AM, Lawton OK), 12/24/60

      1. When I lived in New York, I suffered through the (merciful) decline of Disco. I moved to Seattle where Disco was the hot new thing. No one should have to live through that twice.


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