MMMM: “The Latin Side of Vince Guaraldi”

Vince Guaraldi’s music is associated with the Peanuts specials. I know that’s where I first heard him play, and I was hooked. For this first "free" day of 2023, I wanted to feature an album from his pre-Peanuts days.

The Latin Side Of Vince Guaraldi came out in 1964. He started exploring Brazilian and Caribbean rhythms and how the music would sound when backed with a string quartet. Reviews on the album were mixed, but I like the songs on it and it’s good background music for doing other things.

Joining Vince on the album are members of his quartet: Eddie Duran (guitar), Fred Marshall (bass) and Jerry Granelli (drums). On the more Latin numbers, they’re joined by Bill Fitch (congas) and Benny Velarde (timbales). Five of the numbers feature the aforementioned string quartet, whose contributions were orchestrated by Jack Weeks.

  1. Mr. Lucky
  2. What Kind Of Fool Am I
  3. Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars)
  4. Work Song
  5. Treat Street
  6. Star Song
  7. Whirlpool
  8. Dor Que Faz Doer (Pain That Hurts)
  9. Brasilia

And that’s (a somewhat tardy) Monday’s Music Moves Me for January 2, 2023.

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14 thoughts on “MMMM: “The Latin Side of Vince Guaraldi”

  1. John,

    Thanks for sharing such soothing music this morning. I enjoyed this very much! I hope 2023 brings all the best to you and Mary. Have a boogietastic week! By the way, did you put up a Jan. 1st BOTB?


    1. No, my next battle is January 16 (I decided against doing it on Sunday). Stay tuned.

      I think Vince Guaraldi regretted doing the Peanuts music, although it was a lucrative gig. He did so much more than that…


  2. This is just the kind of music to dance in the living room with your favorite life partner or just sit and focus on the sound coming out of the speakers. Very nice set.


  3. This is just the kind of music to take the sting out of your day, do a little paperwork, dance in the living room with your favorite partner or just focus on the sound coming out of the speakers. Have a blessed week.


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